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She'll bring out the best and the worst you can be ...

Blame it all on yourself ... she's always a woman to me.

Sayid Jarrah
17 January
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Her name was Noor Abed-Jazim, but no one called her that. They called her Nadia.

His name was Omar, and he was my superior officer. In many ways, we were friends.

He gave me the orders to execute her. I killed him - for her. I turned my back on my friends, my family, my country to look for her. I lived for her.

I spent seven years searching. I thought I found her. I thought I would finally understand why I had given up so much.

I was wrong.

بتلوموني ليه ... بتلوموني ليه
لو شفتم عينيه ... حلوين قد إيه
ح تقولوا إنشغالي وسهد الليالي
مش كتير عليه ... ليه بتلوموني

Roleplay journal for surviving_815.

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